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COVID-19 Cluster Traced To Pasadena Birthday Party


According to the Pasadena Public Health Department, a cluster of Covid-19 cases was traced back to an attendee of a birthday party who was not wearing any face covering and who was coughing. According to PPHD, there are “more than five laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases and many more ill individuals” among …

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Accidental Child Shootings Are Rapidly Increasing During Quarantine

Accidental Shootings

Unintentional shootings by children increased 43 percent in March and April as kids are confined to at-home learning due to COVID-19 school closures, according to troubling new data analyzed by advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety. With March and April seeing historically high gun sales as well as children experiencing …

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Gabrielle Union Says Black Entertainers Are “One Or Two Checks” Away From Not Being Able To Pay Their Bills, Explains Communities Of Color Are Impacted The Most By Coronavirus

Gabrielle Union Talks Coronavirus Effects

Gabrielle Union says Black entertainers are “one or two checks away” from not being able to pay their bills. While they may be getting paid big money, it doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering amid the coronavirus pandemic, Union explains. The 47-year-old sat in for an Instagram Live chat with IG …

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