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Sean Connery Died Of Pneumonia, Heart Failure, And Old Age

Acting legend Sean Connery died of pneumonia, heart failure, and old age, according to his death certificate.  Connery, 90, died on October 31 at 1:30 a.m., according to the death certificate, which was obtained by TMZ. Connery’s wife, Michelin Roquebrune, said that he died in his sleep at home in the Bahamas. …

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Rapper and Social Media Influencer Brax Dead at 21

Rising rapper and social media influencer, Braxton Baker, known as Brax, has died at 21. Letricia Loftin Russell, Brax’s mother, shared the news on social media. The cause of death is unknown. “At the time of her ascendance, she laid in sacred form. There were no scratches, there were no …

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Texas Woman Died On A Flight, She Had Covid-19


Dallas County officials announced that a 30-year-old woman died from COVID-19 on a plane while it was on the jetway. The woman was traveling from Arizona to Texas. Before the woman died, she had trouble breathing and was given oxygen, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins told NBC 5 Dallas–Fort Worth. …

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Mom Of 4 Found Dead Inside Of Car In Storage Unit

Sally Jane Damarais-Smith Facebook

Sally Jane Demarais-Smith, 52 was found dead inside of her 2005 Toyota Corolla in a storage unit, according to Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter. Damarais-Smith had been missing since September 25. She was last seen in Great Falls, Montana. An investigation is underway. Police have not said whether they believe …

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First Death Due To Vaping Reported By Health Officials In Illinois

Vaping Causes Death

Written by @saywooord A patient in Illinois is the first to pass due to a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping, public officials announced on Friday, August 23. Doctors and hospitals nationwide have reported an increase in vaping-related respiratory illnesses this summer, officials say. New York Times shared the numbers, …

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