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Donald Trump Plans To Send Unidentified Federal Agents To “Democrat” Cities: “We’re Sending In Law Enforcement”

Trump War

Donald Trump says that he plans to send unmarked federal agents to more cities, specifically “Democrat” cities. As anti-racism protests continue across the country, Trump’s unidentified group of federal agents has ignited violence, caused destruction, and terrorized peaceful protesters. A week ago, Trump praised unmarked troops who took to Portland, …

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Mike Bloomberg Called Transgender People “It” And “Some Guy Wearing A Dress” In Resurfaced Video

Michael Bloomberg 2020

Mike Bloomberg referred to transgender people as ”he, she, or it” and “some guy in a dress” in a resurfaced video. Bloomberg’s bigotry, racism, and homophobia are showing…a lot. BuzzFeed News reports Bloomberg, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, attacked transgender people and argued that Transgender rights are detrimental for …

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Adviser Says Ben Carson Stands by Trump Amid Audio Leak: “Is The Kind of Language That We Hear in Rap Music”

Trump selfie with fan

  Over the weekend, an audio recording capturing a conversation between #Republican presidential nominee, #DonaldTrump and #BillyBush leaked, where Trump used graphic language to express how easy it was for someone like him to seduce women. Since the lewd conversation, reeking of sexism and misogyny surfaced, several prominent Republicans have withdrawn their …

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