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Conservative Evangelical Christian Pastor Rick Joyner Says He Wants Christians To Prepare For A Civil War Against BLM Protestors

Rick Joyner

Conservative evangelical Christian pastor Rick Joyner is telling Christians to “mobilize” to fight a civil war against left-wing activists. During an appearance with the conservative Christian program The Jim Bakker Show, Joyner, who recently called the #BlackLivesMatter movement and its protestors the “KKK of this time,” shared why he thinks …

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Trump Pins Blame On Biden For Not Instituting Mask Mandate

Joe Biden and DOnald Trump

How do you blame someone else for something you’re supposed to do? Like whose man is this? Donald Trump recently went on TV and tried to blame his Democratic competitor, former Vice President and 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden for not instituting a national mask mandate amid the coronavirus pandemic. …

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Donald Trump Hired “Fauxbama,” A Barack Obama Lookalike He “Ritualistically Belittled” And Fired, According To Michael Cohen’s New Memoir

Trump Fires Obama Impersonator

Ahead of the upcoming presidential election, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, released his book Cohen’s “Disloyalty: A Memoir,” in which he describes Trump’s obsessive animosity towards former President Barack Obama. In his memoir, Cohen says that Trump referred to Obama as a “Manchurian candidate” whose position at several …

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The United States Says It Won’t Join Global Effort To Develop, Distribute Coronavirus Vaccine Because Trump Administration Doesn’t Want To Work With The WHO

World Health Organization

The Trump administration is refusing to join a global effort to help develop, manufacture, and distribute a coronavirus vaccine, piggybacking off its limited, or lack thereof, efforts to curb the spread of the deadly virus. As if this administration couldn’t make any more bad decisions in regards to the coronavirus, …

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Portland Mayor Slams Donald Trump After Man Is Fatally Shot Amid Clash Between BLM Protestors And Trump Supporters: “It’s You Who Have Created the Hate and the Division”

Portland mayor vs Trump

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, is slamming Donald Trump after a man was shot and killed amid a clash between Black Lives Matter Protests and Trump Supporters on Saturday. “I’d appreciate that the president either supports us or he stays the hell out of the way,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said. …

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