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Trump Blames Biden For ‘Destroying Our Country’ In Newsmax Appearance

Donald Trump

On Saturday, Donald Trump appeared on Newsmax’s Dick Morris Democracy and blamed President Joe Biden for “destroying our country.” “All he had to do is nothing,” Trump told host Dick Morris. “We won’t have a country; they’re destroying our country.” Trump believes that Biden overturning his policies concerning the Mexican border have created the issues we are …

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Journalist Claims Barack Obama Called Trump A “Corrupt Motherf*cker” and “Racist, Sexist Pig”

Barack Obama Talks Cancel Culture

According to Atlantic writer Edward-Issac Dovere’s new book Battle For the South: Inside the Democrats’ Campaign to Defeat Donald Trump,” forever president Barack Obama called Donald Trump “f***ing lunatic” and “corrupt motherf***er.” The comments allegedly happened behind closed doors. Dovere says Obama—starting in 2017—grew more directly critical of Trump after …

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Not So Fast: Twitter Immediately Suspends Trump’s Newest Account

twitter suspends Donald Trump

Twitter immediately shut down an account created by Donald Trump’s communications team. The @DJTDesk account was created in an attempt to circumvent the social media site’s ban against Donald Trump. The account was allegedly set up as a channel to share statements from the former one-term President, which would also …

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