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Texas Congressional Candidate Says She Doesn’t Want Chinese Immigrants To Come To The U.S. ‘At All’: ‘I Can Say That Because I’m Korean’

Sery Kim (Selfie)

A Texas congressional candidate is catching heat after saying she does not want Chinese immigrants in the United States. According to Yahoo! News, a former employee of Donald Trump‘s administration and Texas congressional candidate Sery Kim faces backlash after she made racist remarks about the Chinese community coming into the …

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Birx On Trump’s Disinfectant Injection Suggestion: ‘I Didn’t Know How To Handle That’

In an appearance on ABC News Lives “The Breakdown” on Monday, former coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx opened up about when Donald Trump suggested injecting disinfectant to fight COVID-19. She attributed her silence to military protocol, which kept her from questioning the then-president when he made the controversial comment in April of last …

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QAnon Plans New Inauguration For Donald Trump After Failed March Date

Donald Trump

QAnon is still determined to have Donald Trump sworn in as President and has planned an alternative date for his inauguration. After President Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day took place without “the storm,” which was supposed to consist of executions and mass arrests, the conspiracy theorists concluded that Trump must be …

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