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QAnon Community Upset About The Lack of Support From Trump


On Wednesday, Jan. 20, the moment the clock reached noon, it was over, and the radical factions of Trump’s violent fanbase were left reeling. For the army of online conspiracy theorists and racists who gathered behind Trump, Inauguration Day 2021 was meant to be a culminating moment. But under Trump’s …

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QAnon Leader Tells Followers To Move On With Their Lives

Prominent Pro-Trump QAnon leader Ron Watkins has told his followers to get on with their lives following Donald Trump’s presidential defeat.  Watkins, who ran a popular message board that held QAnon discussions, has told dedicated believers of the conspiracy theory on Telegram that it was time to get back to …

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Trump Leaves Behind a “Very Generous Letter” For Biden

Joe Biden and DOnald Trump

As petty as Donald Trump can be, it’s happy to hear he did not rain on President Joe Biden’s parade. Before leaving the White House, Trump left the incoming president a “very generous letter.” Today was a happy and historic day for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. As he …

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The U.S. Has Reached 400,000 COVID-19 Deaths

N95 Respirator With Stethoscope On American Flags High Quality

The United States has reached 400,000 deaths due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and bypassed 24 million cases. The grim number was announced on Tuesday, as Donald Trump prepared to make his exit from the White House after a tumultuous presidency that drew wide criticism in most areas, including how …

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