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Facebook And Twitter Deactivate Russian-Linked Troll Accounts That Were Gaslighting Black People To Provoke Racial Tensions

Facebook and Intstagram Trolls

The same Russian-linked trolls that were involved in the meddling of the 2016 Presidential election have been caught trying to gaslight Black people, specifically in America, using disinformation to provoke racial tensions. Facebook and Twitter have deactivated numerous accounts connected to Russian-linked trolls that are based in Ghana and Nigeria, according …

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Facebook Sues Cybersecurity Company Claiming It Hacked WhatsApp

Whats App Sued

Social media giant Facebook is suing the Israeli cybersecurity company NSO Group over claims that it hacked WhatsApp earlier this year. On Tuesday, Facebook filed a complaint alleging that NSO Group used WhatsApp servers to spread malware to 1,400 mobile phones in an attempt to target journalists, diplomats, human rights …

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