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Dispatcher Called Supervisor Of George Floyd’s Arresting Officers While Watching Incident Live, Said Arrest “Looks A Little Different”

Derek George floyd

The 911 dispatcher was skeptical of the officers’ apprehension of George Floyd. The dispatcher who witnessed the arrest and murder of George Floyd in real-time said she felt that she needed to contact the officers’ supervisor. The woman says she wasn’t worried about seeming like a “snitch.” The entire conversation …

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Trained And Unarmed Professionals Will Now Respond To Non-Criminal Calls In San Francisco To Reduce “Police Confrontation”

San Fran POlice

Police in San Francisco will no longer be responding to non-criminal calls. San Francisco mayor London Breed said that non-violent calls will now be diverted from the police department to “non-law enforcement agencies.” Instead of officers, trained and unarmed professionals, who are equipped to deal with mental health, the homeless, …

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The Arrest Of Three Suspected “Boogaloo” Members Reveals Far-Right Extremists Are Using Peaceful Protests To Incite Violence


Suspicions that extremists are looking for ways to cause violence within Nevada communities have reportedly been confirmed by the arrest of three suspected members of the “boogaloo” movement in Las Vegas. The boogaloo movement is an organized American far-right extremist movement, whose members, often referred to as boogaloo boys, identify …

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Defunding The Police: What You Should Know

Defunding the police

Across the nation, we are seeing unrelenting public protests and calls for action in response to the recent murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of the police. The continued abuse of power, blatant disregard for black lives, and refusal to hold officers accountable by law has …

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