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Content From Hundreds Of OnlyFans Accounts Leaked Online

NBA, NFL Hacking

Private photos and videos from hundreds of OnlyFans accounts, including Bella Thorne’s, have leaked online after a shared Google Drive was posted to a hacking forum. Cybersecurity firm BlackChannel first noticed the adult-themed content had been posted last month. According to BleepingComputer, the Google Drive folder contained folders for close to 300 OnlyFans accounts. One of the …

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More Than 50 Million Facebook Profiles Were Hacked To Help Trump Gain Votes In Presidential Election; Facebook’s Value Dropped $50 Million and Investors Are Suing; CEO Mark Zuckerberg Finally Breaks His Silence

  The same data analytics firm that worked with Donald Trump’s election harvested 50 million Facebook profiles of U.S. voters and used them to create a software that predicts and influences who people vote for. The firm called Cambridge Analytica is the owned by billionaire #RobertMercer, and was formally ran …

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