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New York Lawmakers To Introduce Cuomo Impeachment Resolution

Andrew Cuomo

Following sexual misconduct allegations, Republicans in the New York State Assembly have drafted a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo has come under fire recently for inappropriate behavior around women and underreporting nursing home deaths resulting from COVID-19 by as much as fifty percent.  According to the New …

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Heated Trump Call With McCarthy Shows His Refusal To Call Off Rioters

Kevin McCarthy

While his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol, Donald Trump accused White House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of caring less about the election than the rioters did during a phone call between the two. “Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,” he said to McCarthy. CNN reports that …

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Trump’s New Attorneys Once Represented Jeffrey Epstein & Roger Stone

New Poll Finds Nearly Half Of Republican Voters Wouldn't Vote For Donald Trump In The 2024 Presidential Primary

The two newly appointed lawyers representing Donald Trump in his impeachment trial both have very eyebrow-raising pasts. Several of Trump‘s lawyers bailed on him leading up to his February 9th trial. On Sunday, he announced that he’d be represented by Bruce Castor and David Schoen, who have represented high-profile, controversial …

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Rep. Chuck Schumer Calls For Trump’s Removal Under 25th Amendment


Another lawmaker has called for the removal of Donald Trump under the 25th Amendment. Chuck Schumer, Senate Democratic leader, is demanding that Trump’s Cabinet remove the unhinged President days before Joe Biden is scheduled to take office. His call for removal echoes that of other lawmakers who were appalled by …

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First GOP Lawmaker Calls For Trump Removal Under 25th Amendment

trump crying makeup

The first GOP lawmaker has called for the removal of Donald Trump under the 25th Amendment. On Thursday, Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois addressed the violent MAGA protests that erupted in the nation’s Capitol a day prior. In his video message, the avid Trump critic slammed the deranged president …

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Understanding the Impeachment Process; What Does It Mean?

While Democrats nationwide are overjoyed to hear the news of President Trump being impeached, others are left wondering very vital questions; what does this mean? Will we be getting a new president? Will Trump face jail time? For those of us that are less politically savvy, we see impeachment as …

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