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Indian Doctors Warn Against Using Cow Poop As COVID Cure

Indian doctors warn against cow poop as Covid cure

With Covid-19 devastating India, some people have rubbed their bodies with cow feces and urine to combat the virus. Physicians are warning that there is no evidence that it increases immunity or helps COVID to be treated. Dr. J.A. Jayalal, national president of the Indian Medical Association, explained to Reuters, “There …

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Two Smugglers Arrested With $382K Stashed Under Their Wigs

wig smuggler

Two smugglers have been busted in India with $382K in gold and cash underneath their poorly constructed toupees. The suspects, identified as Magroob Akbarali and Zubair Hassan Rafiyutheen, were attempting to leave the Chennai International Airport in India on March 21st when police became suspicious of their wacky weave. Upon …

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Bride And Wedding Guest Marry After Groom Runs Away

Maine wedding to coronavirus cases

In India, who a person chooses to marry is a reflection of their social status and honor. A wedding in Karnataka had an interesting outcome when a groom decided that he didn’t want to get married. Ashok and Naveen, two brothers, held a joint ceremony to marry their brides. Sindhu …

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Coronavirus Triggers Cases Of Fungal Infections In India

covid-19 hospital

The coronavirus has triggered cases of fungal infections in India. The New York Post reports that the deadly Covid-19 virus is triggering a fungal infection, which could have a 50 percent chance of resulting in death. According to local reports, the outlet says the infection can also lead to blindness …

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Hundreds Sick, 1 Dead From Mysterious Disease In India

At least 200 people were hospitalized, and one person died from a mysterious disease in Andhra Pradesh, India.  Patients have experienced nausea, anxiety, and unconsciousness. The Press Trust of India reported a 45-year-old man died Sunday. According to NBC News, water samples from the areas have been taken to see …

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