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Facebook And Twitter Deactivate Russian-Linked Troll Accounts That Were Gaslighting Black People To Provoke Racial Tensions

Facebook and Intstagram Trolls

The same Russian-linked trolls that were involved in the meddling of the 2016 Presidential election have been caught trying to gaslight Black people, specifically in America, using disinformation to provoke racial tensions. Facebook and Twitter have deactivated numerous accounts connected to Russian-linked trolls that are based in Ghana and Nigeria, according …

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Suspect Pleads Not Guilty In Death Of Instagram Star Bianca Devins

Brandon Clark Pleads

21-year-old Brandon Clark allegedly killed his girlfriend, 17-year-old Bianca Devins, after a concert in New York last week, then posted photos of the gruesome murder on social media. Clark was arraigned on second-degree murder charges in the death of Devins and pleaded not guilty. According to a press release by Utica Police, Clark and …

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Baller Alert’s Funniest IG Comedians

Social media tends to get a bad rap, especially with the way people use it as an outlet to spew negativity or waste hours of their lives. On the other hand, when used right, Instagram is the best promotional tool you could ever use to put yourself on the map …

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