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Biden Announces Troops Will Withdraw From Afghanistan By September 11

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that all U.S. troops in Afghanistan would be withdrawn before September 11, ending America’s longest war. There are around 2,500 troops currently stationed in the country. The U.S. withdrawal will not be based on conditions on the ground, ABC News reports.  “We went to Afghanistan because …

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More Than 70 Legislators Are Pushing A Fourth Stimulus Check

stimulus check

Over 70 legislators support a fourth stimulus check, as well as more direct payments. Outside still hasn’t opened back up, and many of us have only received one to three of the stimulus checks since Rona hit over a year ago. According to Newsweek, 74 congressional lawmakers are pushing for …

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Biden to Nominate First Slate of Diverse Federal Judges

Ketanji Brown Jackson

President Biden confirmed plans to appoint 11 federal judges, including D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who will succeed former D.C. Circuit Court Judge Merrick Garland, who is now the United States Attorney General. According to the White House, the nominees include three Black women who, if confirmed, would …

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Congress Supports A Fourth Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check

A fourth stimulus check could be in our future as the idea gains more support from Congress. Since the pandemic started, Americans have only been given three COVID-19 relief payments as millions have been unemployed. Many Americans received their third check officially on March 17, but several Democrats have been …

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Joe Biden Urges Congress To Pass Stonger Gun Control Laws

Joe Biden on Defunding POlice

Joe Biden wants tighter gun laws following the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado. According to NBC News, Biden called on Congress this Thursday to tighten gun control laws after a mass shooter killed 10 people in a Boulder, Colorado grocery store. This incident occurred less than a week after a …

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