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Common Says Offset Said He Felt Voting ‘Was Better Than Any Award’ As A Former Felon Who Didn’t Know His All His Voting Rights

Common For Atlanta Symphony

Common sat down with Florida Senator Perry Thurston, Florida Representative Shervin Jones and local community leaders to discuss issues within the Black community and the importance of educating the Black community about voting. On Sunday, October 25, Biden for President Florida hosted a Shop Talk roundtable with Chicago native, activist …

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Empress Delfina Is The Dominatrix Who Is Converting Trump Supporters Into Joe Biden Supporters: ‘I Was Already Doing Small Penis Humiliation With A Lot Of These Guys’

Empress Daisy Delfina - @EmpressDelfina

There’s a dominatrix that’s helping to convert Donald Trump supporters into Joe Biden supporters. There’s really something new every day in 2020, especially with the upcoming presidential election. Both parties are pulling out all the stops to get Trump out of office. The Daily Beast reports that groups such as …

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CNN Reporter Analyzes QAnon Events: Attendees Support Trump, Refuse To Wear Masks And Believe Trump Will End Elite Child-Sex Trafficking Ring

QAnon has been taking on the name of real-life movements that are committed to ending child sex trafficking. QAnon is a viral, pro-Trump conspiracy theory that alleges Donald Trump was elected to take down a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who are running a global sex-trafficking ring. Conspiracy theorists who follow …

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Trump Tells His Supporters That Biden Will ‘Listen To Scientists’ During Nevada Rally, “If I Listened Totally To The Scientists, We Would Right Now Have A Country That Would Be In A Massive Depression”

Donald Trump Bunker

At a campaign rally, President Donald Trump attempted to insult his Democratic opponent by telling the crowd that Vice President Joe Biden would “listen to scientists” regarding COVID-19. During a stop in Carson City, Nevada, Trump spoke to about 5,000 of his mostly unmasked supporters, who often cheered his comments.   …

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