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Weird But Heartwarming Holiday Family Traditions

With the holidays upon us, families everywhere are preparing those Thanksgiving feasts, and even putting up Christmas decorations before the month of November draws to a close. Many families gather around the table to enjoy meals prepared with love, while some grab a plate and pile in front of the …

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Should Gender Roles Be Introduced To Children?

The world is changing and whether you agree with it or not, there’s no way around the topic of gender neutrality. For some adults, it’s hard to fathom and accept how a man can identify as a woman, how a woman can identify as a man and what being gender …

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Are Black People Culture-less?

Kanye West Talks TO Big Boi

If you were ever a fan of Kanye West as an artist, you may find yourself scratching your head trying to understand where he’s coming from these days. His public statements have divided audiences into a mixture of those who claim to see his spiritual growth and evolution to others …

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Everyone’s Not Invited To The Cookout So Don’t Ask

It’s the 4th of July, and while it’s a national holiday in America, it’s truly the staple for cookouts, family gatherings, music, food and if you’re lucky, a paid day off from work in Black culture. It’s not uncommon to hear Black people reference “the cookout” or offer admission to …

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An Open Letter To Single Mothers On Father’s Day

Single Mothers

In a perfect world, first comes Love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby and your happily ever after. Well, if this isn’t your testimony, you are not alone. Father’s Day tends to dredge up some unresolved feelings of pain, hurt, anger, shame, resentment, and bitterness in a lot of women. …

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Signs You Need A Mental Health Vacation

Mental Health

Please know and understand that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. As we’ve been witnessing many celebrities, even loved ones and friends, who had seemingly good health and a seemingly good lifestyle harm or kill themselves due to mental trauma that was taken lightly…or not …

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