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People Online Express Support For Track Star Sha’Carri Richardson After News Breaks That She’s Been Suspended After Testing Positive For Cannabis

Sha’Carri Richardson

People online are expressing support for Sha’Carri Richardson after news broke that she may not be able to participate in the Tokyo Olympics because she tested positive for cannabis. This week, headlines surfaced that Richardson, 21, could lose her chance to run in the Tokyo Games after testing positive marijuana. …

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Mother Blames Packaging Of Marijuana-Infused Gummies After Her Child Consumed Two Thinking They Were Candy: ‘This Packaging Is Simply Unacceptable’

Morgan McCoy and her daughter

A mother calls for marijuana edibles’ packaging to clearly state that it contains marijuana and isn’t for children. Now, most people don’t want everyone knowing they are consuming marijuana. Many cannabis companies have noted that and have designed their marijuana products’ packaging to cover up the adult snack. But, a …

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Amazon To Stop Testing Most Job Applicants For Marijuana

Amazon Prime Members May Be Getting Free Cell Phone Services

Amazon announced that the company would no longer screen most job candidates for marijuana use, opting to treat cannabis the same as alcohol. Marijuana will no longer be included in their comprehensive drug screening program for positions that the Department of Transportation does not regulate. Amazon will continue to do …

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New York Lawmakers Work To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Weed Ban For MLB

New York lawmakers are working to finalize an agreement that would legalize recreational marijuana. The proposal will be included as part of the state budget due on April 1. “This year, we have to get it done, and getting it done by the time the budget is passed is essential,” …

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Mexico Set To Legalize Recreational Marijuana With Landmark Bill

New York to Open its First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary By the End of The Year

On Wednesday, Mexico’s Congress approved a bill that would allow the recreational use of marijuana, paving the way for the country to become the most significant legal marijuana market. The legislation allows adults to smoke marijuana and grow up to six plants at home with a permit, according to a New York Times report. …

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Amazon Being Sued For Pulling Jobs Offers From Weed Users

Amazon Prime Members May Be Getting Free Cell Phone Services

Amazon is under fire for retracting job offers from job applicants who test positive for marijuana. Weed smokers are so torn apart by the way they are treated by the online retail giant that they have banded together to file a class-action lawsuit in New York against Jeff Bezos. One …

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Jamaica Is Running Low On Marijuana, Farmers Say

Elementary School Students Treated After Eating Marijuana Edibles Classmate Mistakenly Brought In

Jamaica is currently in a weed crisis as heavy rains followed by a lengthy drought have left farmers with a scarce supply of marijuana. “It’s a cultural embarrassment,” said Triston Thompson, chief opportunity explorer for Tacaya, a consulting and brokerage firm for the country’s nascent legal cannabis industry. In 2015, …

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