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Indianapolis Children’s Museum Removes Michael Jackson Memorabilia

Michael Jackson Stuff Removed

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is making their move amid controversy over HBO’s ”Leaving Neverland.” The museum once held a staple portion dedicated to the King Pop. Now, after the controversial documentary and Oprah’s interview with his alleged sexual assault victims, the facility has decided to change directions.  The Power …

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The Jackson Family Discusses “Leaving Neverland” In New Interview, Calls Michael Jackson’s Sexual Abuse Accusers Liars: “It’s Always Been About Money”

The Jackson Family calls “Leaving Neverland” a payout for Michael Jackson’s sexual assault accusers during an interview with CBS. The HBO documentary entitled “Leaving Neverland” details two men’s sexual assault allegations against late singer-songwriter Michael Jackson. The men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, allege Jackson sexually abused them as children …

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