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Witness Says Donald Trump Had Phone Call With E.U. Ambassador About Status Of Ukrainian “Investigations” In Day 1 Of Impeachment Hearing

Donald Trump on Stimulus

On day one of Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings, two witnesses, State Department officials Bill Taylor and George Kent, testified that Trump pressured Ukraine to launch political investigations into the Biden family in exchange for military aid. It was revealed a few months back that Trump was looking into the businesses …

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Trump Says He Put “No Pressure” On Ukraine Leader To Investigate Joe Biden, Call Transcript Confirms He Urged Inquiry

Donald Trump Bunker

Donald Trump says, “there was no pressure whatsoever” when he spoke with Ukraine’s leader about working with Rudy Giuliani and the U.S. attorney general to investigate Democratic political rival, Joe Biden. The conversation between Trump and Ukraine’s president is just one piece of a whistleblower’s complaint made in mid-August, which …

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