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New Research Shows Why Certain Covid-19 Patients Die

Sick for Coronavirus

New research shows why certain Covid-19 patients are dying. A “breakthrough finding” details why some patients with Coronavirus are becoming sicker than other patients and dying. The research reveals that Covid-19 patients with life-threatening-illness have antibodies that disable key immune system proteins called interferons, NBC News reports. Dr. Megan Ranney, …

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Federal Prosecutors Assigned By Barr To Monitor Election Misconduct Find No Evidence of Substantial Fraud

William Barr

Sixteen assistant U.S. attorneys, who were specially assigned to monitor malfeasance in the 2020 election, have urged Attorney General William P. Barr to rescind his recent memorandum allowing investigators to publicly pursue allegations of “vote tabulation irregularities” after they said they had not seen evidence of any substantial anomalies. According …

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