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Black Man Killed By Atlanta Police At Wendy’s Drive-Thru

Off Duty Campus Cop

A 27-year-old black man was shot and killed Friday night in Atlanta at a Wendy’s drive-thru line. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police were called after receiving calls about a man sleeping in his vehicle at the drive-thru, which prompted drivers to go around the vehicle. Rayshard Brooks was given …

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Texas Man Charged In The Murder Of Infant Daughter

A Texas man has been taken into custody after kidnapping and murdering his infant daughter. According to News 12, Gainesville police responded to a call on Monday for a disturbance. Upon arrival, police learned that the infant’s mother, Karina Ortiz (18), the infant (Lyrik), and the child’s father Jeremy Brown …

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Redskins Coach Ron Rivera Supports His Players’ Decision If They Choose To Kneel: “That’s What Our Military Personnel Fought For”

Redskins Coach

While taking a knee during the national anthem is considered controversial in the #NFL, #WashingtonRedskins head coach #RonRivera says he’s siding with his players should they choose to kneel. “It’s their choice, it’s their decision and I support it because its in our constitution and that’s what our military personnel …

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The Players Coalition Gather Over 1,400 Signatures From Members Of The NBA, NFL And MLB, To End Qualified Immunity For Police Brutality: “The Time For Debate About The Unchecked Authority Of Police Is Over”

Players Coalition

In response to the unjustified murder of #GeorgeFoyd, The Players Coalition created a letter to end qualified immunity (which makes it more difficult to sue an officer after an incident of policing injustice) for police brutality. With over 1,400 signatures, retired athletes, coaches, general managers, and staff members from popular …

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