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Fired Navy Captain Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Captain Brett Crozier

Navy Captain Brett Crozier was relieved of his duties on USS Theodore Roosevelt after reaching out for help about a coronavirus outbreak aboard. Days later, Captain Crozier has tested positive for the Coronavirus. He began showing symptoms of the virus before being removed last Thursday, according to the NY Times. …

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Luxury Retailer Neiman Marcus Prepares To File For Bankruptcy

Neiman Marcus

According to sources, debt-stricken Neiman Marcus Group is preparing to seek bankruptcy protection following the forced closures of its luxury department stores in the U.S. after narrowly being spared from bankruptcy last year. Up until this week, Neiman had received multiple inquiries from creditors regarding its next moves amid the …

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Brooklyn Landlord Grants Rent Relief To Hundreds Of Tenants

Brooklyn landlord waives rent

written by: @dawnnnyy_ Mario Salerno, a landlord with 80 apartments across 18 buildings in the Brooklyn-Queens area, is worried about the mental and physical health of his tenants. In an effort to “alleviate stress,” Salerno waived April’s rent. In all 18 buildings, Salerno left a short note informing tenants not …

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