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Restaurant Chains That Are Closing Locations In 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses causing them to file for bankruptcy or simply close their restaurants permanently. Since March, businesses have closed their doors and conducting business solely online. Many restaurants were able to stay open due to take-out or delivery options, but some businesses weren’t able to …

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First Black Tennessee Mayor Lonnie Norman Dies From Coronavirus

Today city officials announced that Mayor Lonnie Norman of Manchester, Tenn. has died from the coronavirus. In a Facebook post they wrote, “With a deep sense of sadness and loss, we announce the passing of Mayor Lonnie Norman after being hospitalized for COVID-19 on October 1, 2020.” They added, “Mayor …

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Woman Loses Hearing In One Ear After COVID-19 Infection

COVID hearing loss

A mother-of-two has lost all hearing in her right ear after suffering only mild symptoms from COVID-19. Meredith Harrell, 42, noticed in July that one of her ears began ringing and that she couldn’t hear anything out of that ear. A week later, she tested positive for COVID-19. Her doctor …

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Georgia Teen Charged In Fatal Stabbing Of 9-Year-Old

Georgia Mother Finds 9-Year-Old Daughter Stabbed To Death

A mother works to provide for her kids, and every day that is exactly what Tegina Brown left home to do. But, this past Tuesday was different and will be one she will never forget. When Brown returned home Tuesday, she found her daughter stabbed to death. Alazia “Ally” Johnson, …

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