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Woman Charged With Third Degree Assault For Attacking Teenage Boy After She Used “Racial Slurs” and Told Him and His Friends They “Didn’t Belong” at Community Pool

From BBQ Becky to Permit Patty, White women have seemingly become obsessed with calling the cops on black people for, well…being black. Now, another white woman has found herself in the middle of a racially charged controversy. This time though, the woman has been jailed for her actions.  The incident …

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What Do Those Five Racist Women Have In Common?

Summer is finally upon us, and judging from recent headlines racism by white women is raising temperatures across the country. Jennifer “BBQ Becky” Schulte, Roseanne Barr, Permit Patty, the racist California lady, and Stephanie Sebby-Strempel have all increased their public notoriety due to their prejudice actions. In fact, each woman …

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