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Ohio Restaurant Offers Pizza With Cicadas


This is new! An Ohio restaurant has decided what to do with the Brood X Cicadas swarming around. It is testing it out on its Spicy Thai Cicada Pie. According to CNN, The Pizza Bandit located in Dayton has actually put the cicadas on the pizza. However, the restaurant is …

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The Bitcoin Pizza Would Be Worth $470 Million Today


Ten years ago, someone offered up 10,000 Bitcoin to whoever would deliver him two Papa John’s pizzas. Factoring in for today’s Bitcoin prices, the pizzas would now be worth a whopping $470 million. According to Hypebeast, Laszlo Hanyecz logged onto BitcoinTalk, an online forum, and made the offer. At the time, BTC was trading under …

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Pizza Hut Offering “Nothing But Stuffed Crust”

Pizza Hut stuffed pizza

It has been 25 years since Pizza Hut introduced stuffed crust pizza. To commemorate the occasion, they are offering a ring of cheese stuffed dough. “Nothing But Stuffed Crust” is only available in Dallas and Los Angeles from January 5 to January 7. The limited-edition item will be free for …

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