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FBI Memo Warns Of Possible Nationwide Armed Protests

Capitol Hill rioters

The FBI circulated an internal bulletin on Sunday that warned there are plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals and Washington leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.  The Associated Press spoke to two law enforcement officers who spoke under the condition of anonymity and warned that the nationwide …

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DC Mayor Calls In National Guard Ahead Of Pro-Trump Demonstrations

national guard

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser called in the DC National Guard to assist local agencies during the pro-Trump rallies set to take place this week. The demonstrations are scheduled around the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s election win over Donald Trump. CNN reports that acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller approved the mayor’s request on Monday. In her letter, Bowser …

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Four Stabbed, 23 Arrested During ‘Stop The Steal’ Protests In D.C.

PRotests in DC

Tensions flared in Washington D.C. on Saturday night as ‘Stop the Steal’ protesters clashed with counter-protesters. CNN reports that at least four people were stabbed, and at least 23 people were arrested during the protests. According to Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office, D.C. Fire and EMS transported eight people from the protests …

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Fatal Shooting At Denver Protest Leaves One Dead And One In Custody


Protests in Denver turned deadly after a shooting occurred during a right-wing rally and a left-wing counterprotest that took place on Saturday. One person was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. The shooting is now considered a homicide investigation.  Originally two people were taken into police custody. One was …

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Cities Around The U.S. Are Cracking Down On Protesting


The news coverage may have slowed down, but nationwide protests against police brutality in support of #BlackLivesMatter and other pressing social issues haven’t stopped. Historically, protests have served as a means for citizens to get their voices heard and incite change. Where many had hoped to use their voices to …

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NYPD Estimated to Overspend On New Overtime Cap By $400 Million

defund the nypd

A New York City independent budget watchdog says the NYPD will likely blow its new overtime cap by $400 million. The new finding contradicts Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 2021 billion-dollar budget cut. De Blasio and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson agreed to shrink the police department’s regular $6 billion budget, …

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The DEA Has Been Authorized To Conduct Surveillance Of People At Protests And Share The Information With Local State Law Enforcements

Protests In La

The Drug Enforcement Administration has just been granted a new authority to “conduct covert surveillance” and gather information about the people who are participating in the protests over George Floyd’s killing. In a two-page memorandum obtained by BuzzFeed, the administration states Floyd’s death “has spawned widespread protests across the nation, …

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