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Nooses Spotted As Pro-Trump Rioters Terrorize The Capitol

Noose Spotted As Pro-Trump Rioters Terrorize The Capitol

The world watched in horror earlier today as hundreds pro-Trump rioters — many of whom were armed — stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC, and clashed with law enforcement officials. According to Business Insider, Nooses and other blatantly racist paraphernalia were spotted amongst the lawlessness and chaos that blanketed …

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Cartoon Network Receives Praise For Its PSA Calling For People To Be Anti-Racist: ‘Thanks To Systemic Racism, Most Of Your Storytellers Prioritized White Accomplishments’

Cartoon Network (Steven Universe)

Cartoon Network is getting praised for its beyond woke PSA about antiracism, white privilege, and white supremacy. “Ask yourself as you’re learning history: Who’s telling the story?” Cartoon Network went viral on Wednesday after releasing its PSA featuring “Pearl” from “Steven Universe.” In the clip, Pearl highlights the effects of …

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Racism Is Being Recognized As A ‘Public Health Threat’

California Court Dismisses Fraud Lawsuit Against Black Lives Matter Foundation

USA Today reports that racism has been declared a public issue in 145 cities and counties across 27 states. This number has risen substantially from seven in 2019. While experts say it is an essential first step, there needs to be action behind the declarations.  Melva Thompson-Robinson, a professor at …

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“Whites Only” Graduation Party Sparks Outrage And Protests

Activists and authorities in South Africa are at odds over a graduation party listed as a “whites only” party. According to the New York Post, there was a clash between the two during a protest led by 2,000 members of the Economic Freedom Fighters—a radical left political party. Members are …

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