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California Giving Reparations To Victims Of Forced Sterilization

California Releases Reparations Report Showing Harms of Slavery and Systemic Discrimination on African Americans

California is set to pay reparations to the victims of eugenics, which is a practice that determined that certain people, including those with mental illness or disabilities, shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce due to “undesirable traits.” Once approved, the state will give about $25,000 to the survivors who experienced sterilization, as …

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House Panel Advances Reparations Bill In 25-17 Vote


A House of Representatives panel has moved to advance a slavery reparations bill. It’s been a long time coming, and Black people have been tired of waiting to receive reparations for the 400 plus years of oppression done onto us by the U.S. government, as well as other governments of …

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California Task Force Will Consider Paying Reparations for Slavery

Reparations for Slavery

On Wednesday, California’s Governor Gavin Newsome signed a study into law that will develop and propose potential reparations for descendants of slaves and those impacted by slavery. California becomes the first state to sign such a law onto the books. Of its bipartisan support, Newsome said the passing of Assembly …

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