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Congress Supports A Fourth Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check

A fourth stimulus check could be in our future as the idea gains more support from Congress. Since the pandemic started, Americans have only been given three COVID-19 relief payments as millions have been unemployed. Many Americans received their third check officially on March 17, but several Democrats have been …

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Overdose Hospital Visits Rise Amid Pandemic; Emergency Rooms Overwhelmed

Opioid Crisis

Hospitals are struggling with an overwhelming amount of overdose patients that are reportedly connected to the pandemic. According to NPR, patients dealing with drug-related conditions have visited hospitals more because of the lack of programs and resources they would usually receive if not for the pandemic lockdown. “All overdoses and …

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CDC Releases List Of Most Common COVID-19 Vaccination Side Effects

Dr. Fauci Says The COVID-19 Shot Will Likely Become A Yearly Vaccination Just Like The Flu Shot

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new information about the most common side effects Americans reported after receiving Pfizer or Moderna‘s COVID-19 vaccines. Some of our friends and family members have already received their Rona shots, and many of them have told us about their experiences. Data …

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