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Russian Tech Company Helps Parler Get Its Website Back Online


The controversial social media website Parler appears to be back online with a Russian technology company’s help. CEO John Matze believes that Parler will be fully back up and running by the end of the month, according to Business Insider. On Monday, the website appeared to be back online, with a message from …

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Trump Asked Advisers About Options For Attacking Iran’s Nuclear Site

Donald Trump

Trump continues to push for his dream to be a ‘wartime president.’ Last week, Trump talked with senior advisers about attacking an Iranian nuclear site after reading a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency. Trump was discouraged from pursuing any attacks by his advisers. The International Atomic Energy Agency …

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DOJ Charges Six Russian Military Officers For Their Alleged Involvement In Hacking And Malware Deployment Operations

Hack Amid Pandemic

The Justice Department has indicted six Russian GRU officers who were allegedly involved in hacking and malware operations. On Monday, the Justice Department announced that six men have been charged with participating in a slew of hacking and malware deployment operations crimes to attack other countries’ infrastructure, elections and other …

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