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Brothers Kill Their Family & Themselves In Murder-Suicide Pact

brother kills family

Six family members are dead following a murder-suicide pact made between two young brothers in Dallas, Texas. The brothers, 21-year-old Tanvir Towhid and 19-year-old Farhan Towhid, “entered into an agreement that they were going to complete suicide, and from that, it went to where the entire family was taken with …

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Big Sean Reveals That He Has Contemplated Suicide

Big Sean

Big Sean has opened up about contemplating suicide during the darkest days of his mental health struggles, despite having achieved success. The Detroit MC has always been transparent about his mental health, but during a recent interview on Michael Eric Dyson’s One Question One Mike show, he detailed his thoughts …

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Deputy Cited Murders Of Unarmed Blacks As Reason For His Suicide

clyde kerr

A deputy who committed suicide Monday left a series of haunting social media videos that provided insight into why he chose to end his life. Deputy Clyde Kerr III, a father and military veteran, shot himself outside the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. Before his death, the 43-year-old spoke into the …

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