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Trump Contradicts Himself; Admits To Entire Ukraine Scam

Trump ADmits

A week after his impeachment acquittal, Trump has basically admitted to the very thing he’s denied for months, including sending his attorney Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to find damaging information about his political opponents. According to CNN, the complete and brazen reversal came during a podcast interview with journalist Geraldo …

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Senate Votes To Acquit Trump On Both Articles of Impeachment

Donald Trump Acquitted

The US Senate just voted to acquit Donald Trump on both counts in his impeachment trial, count 1-Abuse of power, and count 2-Obstruction of Congress. According to CNBC, Forty-eight senators, including Republican Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump on a count of abuse of power, while 52 Republicans voted to …

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Donald Trump Honors Known Racist Rush Limbaugh With the Medal Of Freedom

rush limbaugh medal of freedom

If you needed any additional evidence to know that the current Commander-In-Chief is an incompetent bigot, alas, the orange complexioned calamity has outdone himself yet again. President Donald Trump honored one of America’s most profound racists and Trump supporters, Rush Limbaugh, with the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday …

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Trump Hits Iran With New Sanctions

Iran and USA Sanctions

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo introduced new sanctions today in hopes of paralyzing the Iranian regime. Trump administration officials announced the new sanctions today while battling persistent questions about their assertions that an “imminent” attack sparked the decision to kill a well respected Iranian general. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin …

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Judge Blocks All Scheduled Federal Executions

death row stayed

A judge has just blocked the scheduled executions of four federal death row inmates, effectively thwarting the Trump administration’s efforts to resume imposing the death penalty in a federal system that saw its last execution more than a decade and a half ago. According to Politico, the order was issued …

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ICE Is Banning 21 Savage From Touring Outside The United States

21 Savage Over ICe

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency will not allow 21 Savage to tour across seas until his immigration case is resolved. Reports from TMZ say the organization is withholding the rapper’s rights to freely fly outside of the U.S. while his immigration case is being handled, which is …

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House Passes Vote for Trump’s Impeachment Investigation

Trump ADmits

The House of Representatives passed the vote on a Democratic resolution that lays out specific rules for the impeachment investigation of Trump. According to The Washington Post, the 232-to-196 vote created a split house with nearly all of the Democrats supporting the resolution. The main issue at hand is whether …

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