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US Capitol On High Alert After Possible Militia Attack

House Passes New Bill That Would Target Election Tampering And Theft Following Jan. 6 Attack

According to a recent FBI and Department of Homeland Security intelligence bulletin obtained by CBS News, the Capitol focused on a possible militia attempt to threaten Democratic lawmakers on March 4 and remains a target for domestic violent extremists. The bulletin reads: “As of late February, an unidentified group of …

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QAnon Leader Tells Followers To Move On With Their Lives

Prominent Pro-Trump QAnon leader Ron Watkins has told his followers to get on with their lives following Donald Trump’s presidential defeat.  Watkins, who ran a popular message board that held QAnon discussions, has told dedicated believers of the conspiracy theory on Telegram that it was time to get back to …

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Washington, D.C. Attorney General Looking To Charge Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. And Rudy Rudy Giuliani For Their Roles In The Domestic Terrorist Attack On The U.S. Capitol

Washington, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine

Washington, D.C.’s attorney general, is looking to press charges against Donald Trump, his son, Donald Trump Jr., and Rudy Giuliani over their roles in inciting violence and urging domestic terrorists to attack Capitol Hill last week.  “You’re going to jail, perrrrrriod!!” Better yet, let’s make it prison. On Friday, D.C. Attorney …

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Nancy Pelosi Questions Trump’s Access To Nuclear Launch Codes

Nancy Pelosi Stepping Down As US House Democrats Leader

Nancy Pelosi has referred to Donald Trump as “unhinged” and questions what prevents him from accessing nuclear launch codes. The House Speaker made the revelation to fellow House members on Friday, telling them that she contacted Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley to ensure that Trump could not create …

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Airlines And Flight Attendant Unions Don’t Want To Deal With Pro-Trump Supporters Following Mulitple Altercations: ‘Americans Must Disqualify These Individuals From The Freedom Of Flight’

trump supporters on flights

Airlines and flight attendants are worried about the pro-Trump domestic terrorists who plan on traveling back home following their rioting in Washington, D.C. American Airlines and United Airlines have both increased the number of staff members they have at D.C. airports.  Some of the Trumpers may not even be able …

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These Republicans Senators Objected To Certifying The Election Results

Ted Cruz

Despite the volatile mob of rogue Trump supporters that invaded the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday, several Republicans have still voted against certifying the presidential election. Early Thursday, Congress certified the election of Joe Biden, which put an end to Trump’s long battle to prove that election fraud led to Biden’s …

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Rep. Chuck Schumer Calls For Trump’s Removal Under 25th Amendment


Another lawmaker has called for the removal of Donald Trump under the 25th Amendment. Chuck Schumer, Senate Democratic leader, is demanding that Trump’s Cabinet remove the unhinged President days before Joe Biden is scheduled to take office. His call for removal echoes that of other lawmakers who were appalled by …

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First GOP Lawmaker Calls For Trump Removal Under 25th Amendment

trump crying makeup

The first GOP lawmaker has called for the removal of Donald Trump under the 25th Amendment. On Thursday, Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois addressed the violent MAGA protests that erupted in the nation’s Capitol a day prior. In his video message, the avid Trump critic slammed the deranged president …

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Mark Zuckerberg Has Blocked Trump’s FB/IG Accounts “Indefinitely”

trump crying makeup

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram will be blocked indefinitely. Zuckerberg denounced Trump for inciting the violence that took place Wednesday when senseless MAGA supporters stormed the Capitol building, resulting in four deaths, 52 arrests, and government officials being evacuated. “The shocking events of …

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