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Funniest Tweets To Kick Off The Week

funny tweet

It’s a new day and new tweets have hit the scene. Yet again, it’s obvious that we are all living the same existence. Get into some of the funniest tweets to kick off the week. Which one can you relate to most?      

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Twitter Reacts To April Fool’s Snow Day

twitter reacts

Many parts of the northern United States are experiencing heavy snow on April Fool’s Day. Leave it to Twitter to use the freezing temperatures to get their jokes off. Many users could not fathom that snow would fall on the jokester’s holiday, leaving many to believe that the news had …

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Twitters Most Relatable Tweets This Week

relatable tweets 3

As the week comes to a close, Twitter has once again confirmed that we are all sharing the same experiences in our respective walks of life. Somewhere along the line, the social media site has morphed into a family reunion of sorts with a slew of distant relatives, and we …

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