Takeoff Sued By Woman Who Claims He Raped Her At An L.A. Party, Hospital Allegedly Found Evidence Of Forceful Rape

Migos member Takeoff has been sued for allegedly raping a woman at a party in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, a woman who has filed under “Jane Doe” is suing rapper Takeoff for allegedly making her uncomfortable at an L.A. party back in June and later raping her in the bedroom of the person she says invited her to the party.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ state the woman claims Takeoff stared her down while at the party and, at some point, offered her marijuana, which she denied. She says that’s when things got worse. The woman says she ended up going upstairs with the man who invited her to the party, and at the same time, Takeoff just so happened to be coming down the stairs. When he saw the two together, he allegedly got upset, and an argument broke out between the two men.

Trying to steer clear out of the altercation, the woman went into a bedroom to wait it out. She says that’s when Takeoff entered the room and began touching her bottom. She says that she continuously denied his advances, but Takeoff forced her face down, pulled her clothes off, and raped her. When he was finished, she says he immediately left the room.

The woman says she was in total shock but immediately went to the hospital, where she claims the hospital found physical evidence of forceful rape. The staff then contacted LAPD, according to the woman’s account. She is suing the Atlanta rapper for sexual battery, assault, emotional distress and wants to be compensated in damages.

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