Talib Kweli Is Still Allegedly Harassing Maya Angelique; Takes His Misguided Anger To Instagram

Talib Kweli is still harassing and lying on a Black woman on social media.

It’s been two weeks now, and Kweli is still attacking a Black woman by the name Maya Angelique on Twitter after she highlighted the truth about how colorism affects dating within the Black community.

This all started after Kweli took it upon himself to publicly insult, gaslight, and harass Maya over a tweet. On July 6, a Twitter user asked, “Which rappers actually married a Black woman besides Snoop? …Exactly.” In response, another user retweeted the tweet with the caption, “Jay Z, Papoose, Chance The Rapper, Bun B, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, T.I., Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, Paul Wall, J. Cole, Kevin Gates, Will Smith, Big Boi, Killer Mike, Ja Rule, Talib Kweli, Method Man…” The conversation ended with Maya breaking down how rappers named in the post had “light-skinned” significant others, noting that colorism may have come into play in terms of the rapper’s attraction to the Black women they are with. “Literally, almost all of them are married to light-skinned women, but that’s a conversation for another day,” she wrote.

For some reason, Kweli felt this was an attack against him and began insulting and harassing the woman for days. His actions have continued into two weeks, and now he’s brought his anguish towards Maya and multiple Black outlets to Instagram. “So Maya Moody (she is #moneyymaya on twitter) supporters are threatening to assault me, my mom, and piss on my kids. Because they doxxed me. These messages are coming to my phone. Daily. Fuck everyone who supports these monsters,” he said.

” Fuck #hiphopdx fuck #verysmartbros fuck #bossipofficial fuck #madamenoire fuck all of you. Y’all can stop pretending to be pro-black now. Y’all are all liars, cowards, and hypocrites,” the rapper wrote with a caption of a text conversation between him and an unnamed person.

In response, Maya took to Twitter to call out Kweli for lying and spreading misinformation about her on his Instagram. “This man is spreading misinformation about me on Instagram too. If you do not see how he is weaponizing his almost 2 million followers (across platforms) against me at this point, idk what to tell you.” Kweli has since removed the post from his Instagram.

Talib Kweli and Maya

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