Tamar Braxton’s Boyfriend Shares His Side Of The Alleged Domestic Violence Incident: ‘I Was Attacked’

Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend David Adefeso is breaking his silence after the reality star came out and claimed he physically assaulted her during a drive to a healthcare facility.

An alleged domestic violence incident between Adefeso and Braxton has led to a police investigation and a restraining order after the two got into a heated argument, in which Braxton claims Adefeso threatened a “murder-suicide.” The star says she never laid a hand on Adefeso until he allegedly “grabbed” her arm. The entire argument reportedly started over a post Adefeso made with Braxton’s son.

From Adefeso’s side, he says, “I’ve been a victim of domestic violence, of domestic assault. I was attacked.” Adefeso continued, saying that he was “driving at high speed” when he was unexpectedly “attacked with a blow to [his] neck” by Braxton. Adefeso explained the event in an Instagram video, using his hands to act out a punch to the chin as he claims Braxton did to him. After being hit, Adefeso says the hit left him “disoriented” and confused, prompting him to call his mother on the phone, who he says started praying for Braxton’s son.

Adefeso said he realized that he was being recorded during the incident and said the tape was sent out to his family members afterward, The Blast reports. While Braxton claims Adefeso physically assaulted her, Adefeso says he did nothing of the sort. He says he’s “never laid a hand on Tamar Braxton or any woman in my entire life.” He added, “I’ve never, ever, ever, and never will ever put my hand on a woman. I grew up in a household where my parents were married for 50 years… and my mom and dad were the most loving and kind couple… I didn’t grow up in that [kind of] environment.”

Now, the police are investigating the incident, damages worth $30,000 that were done to his Rolls Royce, as well as the assault allegations against Braxton. Tables have quickly turned between the two. Just a few months back, Braxton was praising Adefeso for saving her life following her suicide attempt. Adefeso found Braxton passed out unconscious in their home after drinking and consuming an unknown amount of prescription medication, The Blast reports. After being treated in the hospital, Adefeso released a statement saying, “Tamar is a beautifully talented woman, a devoted mother, a loving girlfriend, a dear sister, and a special friend to countless people. This is an extremely difficult time for Tamar and her family as she navigates professional and personal struggles, including her battle with depression.”

Tamar and David

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