Xscape's Tamika Scott Drops Receipts Backing Up Claims That LaTocha and Husband Stole Her Money [Video]

Xscape’s Tamika Scott Drops Receipts Backing Up Claims That LaTocha and Husband Stole Her Money [Video]

The Xscape drama is getting worse and worse by the day.

Tamika Scott took to her YouTube channel to expose her sister LaTocha and her husband Rocky Bivens for extortion and even sexual exploitation.

One of the biggest storylines on Queens of R&B has been Tamika claiming that her sister LaTocha and her husband stole $30,000 worth of her loyalties.

However, LaTocha has called her sister a liar.

Tamika recorded a video posting all her receipts as to why she believes her money was stolen.


“Now, when my sister was asked about some exchange, she acted like she did not know what I was talking about, so I’m not gonna do too much, but I will clear my name,” Tamika said in the video.

She then explained with screenshots in the video how they (LaTocha and Rocky) changed her home address, signature, and email to LaTocha’s receiving email.

Tamika also clarified that the huge misconception over the $30,000 is that it’s one check when in reality, several checks equate to the $30,000.

“I was very nice to say only $30,000 was taken from me, stolen rather,” Tamika said. “So, you want your apology? How ’bout I give them proof what you did?”

Later on in the Youtube video, Tamika also detailed an anonymous text she believed to be linked to her sister threatening to expose her sex tape.


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