Tamir Rice’s Mother Speaks, “I’m Mad As Hell!” -blogged by: @Paige_Kendra_

Samaria Rice, the mother of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, spoke out Saturday against the city’s legal system and Grand Jury’s decision NOT to indict the police officer who shot her unarmed son in November 2014.

Tamir’s mother said she was at home when she received the jaw dropping call that no charges would be filed against Officer Timothy Loehmann. The cop who took the life of Tamir Rice, got to suffer no consequences for his actions.

“I’m mad as hell. Due to the corrupt system, I have a dead child.” she told MSNBC.

According to the grand jury, they could not find enough evidence of criminal misconduct to indict the officers involved. 

In a statement, the Rice family says that they were not surprised by the verdict. “It has been clear for months now that Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy McGinty was abusing and manipulating the grand jury process to orchestrate a vote against indictment,” the statement read.

“I feel like breathe has been taken from my body once again,” Samaria Rice said.


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