Tammy Rivera Talks About Parenting and Her Daughter's Sexuality With Atlanta’s V103: “There's No Handbook To Parenting"

Tammy Rivera Talks About Parenting and Her Daughter’s Sexuality With Atlanta’s V103: “There’s No Handbook To Parenting”

Tammy Rivera joined Atlanta V-103 radio host Kenny Burns to talk about her new single “Baby Mama” and a few other things, like her daughter Charlie.

First things first, her new single, “Baby Mamas.” But before you start to assume that it’s about women, it’s not. The single is actually about men who act like females, Rivera said.

Burns then switched topics to discuss Rivera’s show which co-star’s her husband, Waka Flaka, “Waka and Tammy: What The Flaka.” Burns said he loves the honesty and vulnerability of the show ad commends it for helping to break the chains. He also saluted the reality tv star and her husband for changing the narrative on how people perceive relationships.

“Nowadays, you know, people they call couple goals the relationships that they think are perfect or the stuff that they see like oh that person never goes through anything, or they’re so unproblematic, oh everything looks perfect over there, or oh they have matching watches. They are couple goals,” Rivera said. But in real life, she looks up to her grandparents, who stuck by one another thick and thin, even after they separated.

Burns then brings up Rivera’s openness about her daughter Charlie’s sexuality and commends them for bringing it to the screen.

“I just love the vulnerability of it because, at the end of the day, people need to see the real, and yall are keeping it real.”

Rivera feels “the more you push against something, the more they run towards.” She also wanted to steer away from the stigma that harms the mental and therefore embraced her daughter’s decision even after questioning that it was a phase.

“I know that her doing what she is doing is what she wants to do,” Rivera said, adding that there is no handbook when it comes to parenting.

“It takes a lot to understand something that you don’t understand,” Burns responded.

“Just love your children for who they are….,” Rivera added.

Tammy also said she told her daughter, “do whatever makes you happy because that’s your life, and I can’t live it for you.”

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