Taylor Rooks
Taylor Rooks

Taylor Rooks Talks Commentary from Internet Trolls, Gives Advice to Women Looking to Work in Sports and More

Taylor Rooks has been killing the journalism world with her fun yet professional interviews on Bleacher Report and Turner Sports. There’s no doubt that her presence is something that’s been missing in the male-dominated industry — that is, sports.

In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, Rooks shared advice to Black women working in the sports industry. She said she truly believes that being a black woman is her power. “There’s strength in my femininity — we add a critical perspective to sport too,” said Rooks

When the sports journalist started in the industry, only a handful of black women were among her. “Many black women are coming up in sports right now,” she said.  Rooks mentioned how she always knows when she sees a black woman in “the business,” that means they’re good. “We do not have the luxury of mediocrity. You have to be good in this industry,” she said.

The industry still needs work, but Rooks said it’s beautiful to see how much the sports industry has grown.

Rooks is among the few names Black women killing it in the Sports industry. She recently covered the 2021 NBA drafts on July NBA TV. She goes by the saying, “each one, teach one.”

“We should all lend an ear, give advice and talk about our experiences, so people know what they’re up against,” she said. Rooks wants aspiring journalists also to know how fun the industry can be. “You’ll meet so many great people and have great experiences.

The Atlanta native has a great sense of fashion on and off-camera. During the interview,  Rooks and BA reporter Angie B discussed the media’s constant wardrobe comments towards black women. “It doesn’t matter what you wear — they’ll always have something to say,” she said.

When it comes to Taylor’s wardrobe, she keeps it very classy and tasteful no matter the event; however, comments continue to roll in. She said she once wore a turtle neck and long pants, yet someone still questioned her outfit choice. “I’m like I’m literally covering up as much of my body as possible, and people still have something to say,” said Rooks.

Rooks said some people are committed to talking about you in that way regardless, but one shouldn’t worry about that. “I know that the work I do is great. I know my interviews are strong. I know I ask a great question, and I know I have the respect of my peers. That’s what matters to me,” she said

Rooks explained that what she looks like isn’t something she worked for, but her career is something she takes a lot of pride in. Criticism from those who value and listen to her work is something Rooks welcomes. “I love criticism of the work. If someone has a question and thinks I missed a follow-up — please tell me,” she said.


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