Taylor Swift Wants to Trademark “Swiftmas,” “Blank Space,” and “1989”

Taylor Swift is about her coins. You can’t post her music, her images, or nearly anything about her without her consent. Now reports say she has taken steps to trademark terms such as  “Swiftmas,” “Blank Space,” and “1989.”

According to the blog Tantalizing Trademarks, Taylor Swift’s team filed 20 federal trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on December 3rd. The applications were for the terms “Swiftmas,” “Blank Space,” “And I’ll Write Your Name,” “A Girl Named Girl,” and “1989.” Taylor Swift’s team is quite smart, too. They filed multiple applications for each term, in different classes of goods and services. So for example, she filed a trademark for “Swiftmas” in terms of musical services and concerts. Another in terms of clothing & apparel use, another in terms of use in print and magazines, etc.  Because trademarks are divided into classes of goods and services, the same trademark is sometimes found on multiple applications. T. Swift is making sure all of her bases are covered.

My guess is that with Christmas around the corner, Taylor Swift is probably going to be dropping a ton of merchandise.  Earlier this year Swfit tried to trademark the phrases “this sick beat” and “nice to meet you; where you been,”  both lines from her songs “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space.” Before you know it, Taylor Swift will probably own the entire English language. 



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