Teairra Mari Threatens Keri Hilson Amid Prolonged Feud
Teairra Mari and Keri Hilson (Instagram & Getty)

Teairra Mari Threatens Keri Hilson Amid Prolonged Feud: “I’m Gonna Whoop Your A** When I See You”

Teairra Mari is threatening to whoop Keri Hilson’s a** after the R&B singer and songwriter made triggering comments about her on the R&B Money podcast with Tank and J. Valentine.

It all started when Hilson alluded to having issues with Mari.

Hilson revealed without directly naming Mari that the singer attended her show while sitting front row with her arms folded throughout the entire performance.

“She didn’t want to be there and it was very obvious, and I felt disrespected by that,” Hilson stated. “So when they came to my dressing room backstage, I said something and we almost got to scrapping….it could’ve got real ugly.”

She then told Tank and J. Valentine that Mari was “pretty insignificant at this point.”

Later that day, Mari took to Instagram to address Hilson and her shady comments.

“So now, Keri! what’s up you wanna fight or do you not want to fight because I’m gonna whoop your a** when I see you,” she wrote in the comments section of The Neighborhood Talk. “I’m sick of you people bothering me! You had a whole different story when I was in your face you’re a liar bitch!!”

Over the years, Mari has kept it pretty private, with not much posted on her social media.

As you know, 50 Cent has been hounding the songstress for $50k in unpaid debt.

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