Ted Cruz Left Family Dog When Power Was Out, Security Guard At Residence Says He Was Caring For It

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was blasted for leaving for Cancun, Mexico, Wednesday night as Texas was battling a historic arctic blast. After news broke that he left his dog, Snowflake, behind, he faces even more backlash.

Cruz said he was merely escorting his daughters on a vacation trip with their friends and said, like millions of other Texas residents, he said: “our family lost heat and water.” A claim some doubted.

New York Magazine columnist Michael Hardy traveled to the Senator’s Houston home located in the uber-rich River Oaks neighborhood and was informed by a neighbor that the area had indeed lost electricity, which came back on late Wednesday night. Cruz’s story appeared to be true.

But before Hardy left, he heard barking and saw a small white dog through the Colonial Revival-style mansion’s glass door. When Hardy approached the door to knock, a man exited a Suburban parked in Cruz’s driveway and identified himself as a security guard.

When Hardy asked who was looking after the dog, the security guard said he was.

Hardy was able to take a picture and posted it on Twitter. Soon after, a flood of comments poured in.

“Tell me they really didn’t leave that dog home alone,” one person said. “That pooch deserves better,” said another, and some people tagged the ASPCA and PETA.

Many are outraged that the Senator left behind the family dog during such horrible weather—especially leaving the pooch behind when his power was still out. But then again, people are outraged how the Senator could leave the state when millions suffered without heat or water.

The New York Times had previously reported that Heidi Cruz, wife, had complained in a group chat with friends and neighbors that their home was “FREEZING.”

Ironically, Cruz left the blackout and cold weather for the sunny Ritz-Carlton in Cancun.

The shamelessness.

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