Ted Cruz Posts Texas Disaster Relief Photo-Op After Cancun Backlash

While his state was struggling following a severe winter storm, Ted Cruz opted to take his family on vacation to Cancun, Mexico. The move caused a significant backlash, and now the Senator is trying to get back into the people’s good graces.

On Saturday, Cruz posted pictures of himself helping with disaster relief efforts, like delivering water and shaking hands with his constituents. One of the photos shows him placing a case of water into the trunk of someone’s car. He captioned the images “#TexasStrong.”

The gesture seems forced after Cruz left Texas behind for the sun and sand while millions of people were left without power for days in the freezing temperatures. Cruz initially said he was escorting his daughters to Mexico and coming right back, which was a lie. Still, he flew home the next day following the public’s outrage.

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  1. Cruz has nothing to apologize for.

    And if anything, he should make the dems apologize for their shortsighted attempts to use solar/wind, which anyone with a 3-digit IQ knows is unsustainable for energy development.

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