Georgia Teen Capitol Rioter Begs To Be Sent Home To Parents

Georgia Teen Capitol Rioter Begs To Be Sent Home To Parents

After a month in federal custody, Bruno Joseph Cua, the youngest Capitol rioter to be arrested, is desperate to be released while awaiting trial.

In a letter addressed to U.S. District Court Judge Randolph D. Moss, the 18-year-old swears to “‘not to step one foot out of line’ if he was able to go back to his suburban Atlanta home” with his parents. 

However, in the past, Cua has been denied bail twice before, and his parents are partly to blame. 

On the morning of the riots, Cua came to DC with his parents. All three of them attended the rally leading up to the siege. The argument here is that his parents are the ones who brought him to Washington; therefore, they contributed to the violence. 

Another reason for Cua’s rejection release has to do with his aggressive behavior on the internet. His internet presence was a dark and aggressive one. In some instances, he would refer to the American people as “rats.”

“Yes, for everyone asking, I stormed the capital (sic) with hundreds of thousands of patriots,” he posted on Instagram shortly after the takeover. “What happened was unbelievable. Yes, we physically fought our way in.”

However, Cua admits to his mistakes and assures he is “not a danger to anyone, and I will never act on what I said.”

“I have completely lost those aggressive feelings and moved on from the entire political (sic) idea,” he wrote. 

Originally from Milton, Georgia, Cua is charged with “assault on a federal officer, civil disorder and several other crimes, including entering the floor of the Senate,” the New York Post reported. 

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