Teen Convicted for Stabbing Death of Barnard Student Tessa Majors Sentenced to 14 Years

Teen Convicted for Stabbing Death of Barnard Student Tessa Majors Sentenced to 14 Years

The teen convicted of stabbing 20-year-old Barnard student Tessa Majors to death in 2019 has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Rashaun Weaver was 14 years old when he and two middle school pals, Luciano Lewis and Zyairr Davis, who were 14 and 13 — killed the college freshman during a botched robbery attempt in Morningside Park.

Court documents reveal that Weaver was the first to attack the woman after she passed the kids in the park. Majors was reportedly caught completely off guard in the attack, staring down at her phone when Weaver ran up behind her and kicked her hard in the back.

Majors who had dreams of becoming a singer, reportedly fought her attackers as they tried to steal her iPhone. During a victim impact statement, her parents talked about how their daughter had saved up three years’ worth of songs that she’d written on the device and was planning to record music shortly before she was killed. 

Luciano Lewis reportedly put Majors in a headlock as Weaver repeatedly stabbed her, piercing through her heart.

Weaver now 16, was the third and final suspect to be sentenced. Zyairr Davis, who was charged as a juvenile delinquent, was the first defendant to plead guilty in the case. He was sentenced to 18 months in detention. Lewis pleaded in September to second-degree murder and first-degree robbery and was sentenced to the maximum of nine years to life in prison.

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