Tekashi 6ix9ine’s New Lawyer Was Arrested For Sneaking Drugs And Other Contraband Into Jail For Client

As more details are revealed about Tekashi69’s court case, information about his legal team is also being leaked. One of 6ix9ine’s attorneys was caught sneaking contraband into jail for a client.

Dawn Florio just joined Tekashi’s legal team, along with Lance Lazzaro, according to documents obtained by The Blast. While Florio has been hired to clean up the rapper’s record, she appears to have one of her own. In 2005, Florio was arrested for allegedly sneaking hundreds of pills, some rolling papers, deodorant and a turkey sandwich to a client named Jose Marrero, who was accused of drug charges and affiliated with a violent street gang called the Big Bags Gang.

According to The Blast, during a meeting between Marrero and Florio, a correctional officer observed her passing “98 blue pills, 95 yellow pills, 100 pink pills, three bars of soap, two sticks of deodorant, four sheets of rolling paper, a rap magazine titled Felon and a turkey sandwich.” Florio’s charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence; she was released on $2,000 bail. 

New York records show Florio has no disciplinary history and clean a slate. However, in 2000, Florio was fired as an assistant district attorney for providing a fake alibi to a boyfriend who was being investigated for burglary

Florio is responsible for helping Tekashi get out of a prison sentence after violating his probation in October. The Brooklyn rapper is facing life in prison.

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