Tekashi69 Released From Prison Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

Tekashi69 has been granted an early release due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, 6ix9ine will serve the rest of his 2-year sentence in the comfort of his home, with many conditions.

According to Complex, the controversial rapper will serve the first four months of his supervised release on house arrest, wearing an ankle monitor.

He will also have to ask permission to leave, which is only permitted for medical treatment or meetings with his attorney.

“We’re all so pleased with the judge’s decision. Danny will be safe now,” the rapper’s lawyer, Dawn Florio, said of her client.

As previously reported, the rainbow-haired rapper first filed a request for early release on March 22, citing his health conditions as a concern amid the growing coronavirus outbreak. As states moved to release prisoners who had been deemed high risk, 6ix9ine tried his luck, highlighting his issues with asthma.

Though initially denied, the request was granted on Wednesday but delayed until Tekashi’s safety was guaranteed. He was eventually released Thursday afternoon.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is extraordinary and unprecedented in modern times in this nation. It presents a clear and present danger to free society for reasons that need no elaboration. COVID-19 presents a heightened risk for incarcerated defendants like Mr. Hernandez with respiratory ailments such as asthma,” Engelmayer wrote. “The Centers for Disease Control warns that persons with asthma are at high risk of serious illness if they contract the disease. Further, the crowded nature of municipal jails such as the facility in which Mr. Hernandez is housed present an outsize risk that the COVID-19 contagion, once it gains entry, will spread. And, realistically, a high-risk inmate who contracts the virus while in prison will face challenges in caring for himself.”

According to the NY Daily News, a source at the Queens facility said the rapper was released just 90 minutes prior to the report.

TEkashi Released

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