Terrence Howard Proposes To Ex-Wife Three Years After Their Divorce

Terrence Howard wants to marry his ex-wife again three years after their divorce.

Howard secretly divorced his ex-wife Mira Pak three years ago in July 2015. But today, it seems the two have rekindled their love, and want to give marriage another try. Howard announced the news on Instagram with a picture of the two, and a caption that said, “ #bloodisthickerthanwaterbutloveisthegluethatbindsus.” In the slideshow of photos, you can see Howard placing a new ring on Pak’s finger.

Howard also thanked jeweler, Ben Baller, for designing the ring, as well as Crustacean Beverly Hills restaurant “for making the night extra special.” The ring was designed with a shiny band and engraved with “2nd times a charm to rekindle that fire. Baller also congratulated the couple on Instagram writing, Congrats @theterrencehoward and Mira on their engagement!”

“My brother Terrence commissioned me to make this beautiful 7-carat VVS diamond ‘BEN BALLER Setting’ Rose Gold engagement ring,” he added. “Only the best for you guys.”

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