Terry Crews Opens Up After Receiving Backlash Over His Recent Tweets: “Black People Must Be Allowed To Have Other Views”

On Tuesday morning, actor Terry Crews made a tweet that did not sit well with many people. In his tweet, he suggested that the Black Lives Matter movement would lead to Black supremacy.

”We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter,” Crews tweeted.

The television personality received responses from multiple public figures, including former Clinton aide Keith Boykin who said, “Demanding Black equality is not Black supremacy.”

Crews appeared on Roland Martin’s daily digital show Wednesday to respond to the backlash and explain his controversial tweet.

He started by stating that he loves his people and the Black Lives Matter movement, but then went on to say that the organization is not inclusive of other cultures.

Despite racial equality protests involving all races and cultures across the world, the star believes that the movement does not include everyone.

”This is like a third reconstruction, and this reconstruction has to include every voice in America,” Crews said. “Everybody has to be included.”

Crews also shared that he was disappointed that he did not receive an invite to the B.E.T awards due to his standpoints.

”It should be okay for Black people to be different and have other views,” Crews continued.

”In our community, you have to be one way, swinging, fighting, and punching, and I am not that dude,” the actor said.

To add to his rant, Crews said he never feared the KKK when he was younger; instead, he was scared of his own community.

”I was scared of that gang member, I was scared of that drug dealer that I had to walk through to get my school,” Crews added.

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