Family of Five Sentenced For Storming the US Capitol on Jan. 6
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Texas Family of Five Sentenced For Storming the US Capitol on Jan. 6

Five members of a Texas family who stormed the Capitol on January 6 were sentenced together on Wednesday.
The two parents were given jail time, and the three adult children were given probation and home confinement.
According to court documents, the Munn family was among the first to enter the Capitol. They made their way past the tomb and the visitor center before entering a Senate conference room.
DC Chief Judge Beryl Howell reprimanded parents Dawn and Thomas Munn for bringing three of their adult children and one minor to Washington to investigate the 2020 election results.
Dawn Munn told authorities she was in Washington to find out if the 2020 election was secure before being sentenced.

“I was looking for somebody to show me proof that our election was going to be secure,” Dawn Munn said. “If we don’t have a secure election, we don’t have a country. This is a country by the voice of the people.”

Howell argued that this did not excuse violence. “There is no question that can justify disrupting the democratic process,” Howell said.
Thomas Munn told the judge that he had never been political before but had decided to go to Washington, DC, because “I just kept watching what was happening on the news, and I felt we should speak out.”
The parents were given a 14-day jail term. While Kayli, Joshua, and Kristi, the adult children, were given probation and will spend a portion of their sentence at home.
Before the Capital attack, Thomas Munn encouraged others to visit DC on January 6; following the riot. Several Munns posted that they were there.

“These were fighting words that only contributed to the misinformation about January 6,” Howell said of some of their posts.

Kristi, the oldest of the eight Munn children, was sentenced to probation and 90 days of home detention. Howell claimed that Kristi, a mother of three, could see that she was committing a crime.

“I wish I had slowed down,” Kristi Munn said. “I very much want to give a better example for my siblings.”

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